Per the RMV, in order to start the classroom training the student must be 15 and 9 months of age (to the day).  To begin the driver training portion of the program, a student must have reached their 16th birthday and have a valid MA Learner’s Permit.
In order to qualify for the State License exam you must have held your Learner’s Permit for 6 months. Appointment availability may vary so please be diligent with scheduling driving lessons, call the office to discuss current wait times.

Age Calculator

Check the age of the student here so you will know which classroom to join.


Hanson                                        270 Main Street- Hanson

Weymouth                                       435 Columbian Street – Weymouth

 South Shore Vo-Tech- 476 Webster Street- Hanover
This enrollment is exclusive to the students attending South Shore Vo-Tech.
Please call our Hanson Office for more information regarding the upcoming
South Shore Vo-Tech classroom schedule and registration.
Hanson Office (781) 294-8876
Next Classroom session will begin Monday, October 8th, 2019! Please call our office to enrollment in this South Shore Voc-Tech Classroom.                             


SignUp Hanson
This enrollment is open to all students who would like to attend our Hanson location at:  270 Main Street- Hanson, MA. 02341

A $195 non-refundable deposit is required for all of our driver education training services. 

This enrollment is open to all students would like to attend our Weymouth location at:
435 Columbian Street – South Weymouth, MA. 02190

A $195 non-refundable deposit is required for all of our driver education training services. 

*Refund Policy for all locations: A $35 fee for requested refunds for any additional payments made.

*Please note, there is a $40 dollar bounced check fee for all checks that get returned.

(Must be 15.9 months of age to participate)
Price: $795.00
*Please see our affordable payment option below

  • 30 hours of classroom training with professional curriculum specifically designed for the new driver.
  • 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training with custom in-car curriculum to build the essential skills needed for road safety.
  • 6 hours of observation training, new drivers will observe other new drivers to reinforce the skills they are working on.
  • 2 hour parent classroom instruction, it is so important for us to team with the parents to educate and mentor our students together to establish a solid education in school and at home.
  • Driver Education Certificate of Completion fee is included.
  • Free pick up and drop off service for road lessons is available for most areas, please call the office to see if you qualify. We will be happy to establish a meeting area for towns we currently do not service.
  • The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Driver Education guidelines state that a Driver Education program must be completed within a 2 year period from the start date of the course.

 *Affordable payment plan option for our full driver education package:

  • A non-refundable $195 dollar deposit is required to secure a seat in the classroom.
    (choose the “195 dollar” option from the payment drop down list when registering)
  • A second payment of $300 is due on or before the first night of classroom.
  • Final payment of $300 will be due before scheduling the student’s first driving lesson.

    Price: $375.00

  • 30 hours of professional classroom training
  • 2 hour mandatory parent class (if not previously attended in the last 5 years)
  • Partial completion transfer certificate is also included

Price: (non-refundable) $150 fee
Please note that our fee does not include the mandatory R.M.V. State licensing fees.

  • This service is optional and is not included in the Driver Education package, the candidate must qualify in order to be considered.
  • A $150 dollar non-refundable deposit must be made in order to participate in this service.
  • Upon receiving payment of service and your road test application, we will include you in the road test roster.
  • This service is not offered to the general public, so a weekend or weekday test day is possible.
  • Use of D.O.T. approved automobile equip with mandatory braking system needed to participate in State License exam.
  • Professional instructor will sponsor the student, this eliminates the parent or legal guardian presence in the vehicle during the exam.  
  • Students are required to meet us at the designated RMV location on day of exam.
  • Please call (781)294-8876 or (781) 331- 4000 for more information.
  • Download the Road Test application here

*Our State License Exam Sponsorship Service is optional, it is not a guarantee that the student will pass the road test. Should the student fail and require a subsequent road test the normal service rate of $150.oo will apply.

What you “Need to Know” about our road test service information: 

  • In order to be guaranteed a time slot, you need to submit payment, contract and application to the office.
  • Your D.E.C. must be issued in order to be considered.
  • Your permit must be legible and in excellent condition
  • You’ve held your permit, continually, for a minimum of 6 months
  • The additional mandatory RMV $85 endorsement fee must be paid prior to your exam date. Call 1-857-368-8010 and follow the prompts, you will receive a confirmation # upon receipt.
  • If you wear contacts or glasses you must have them on or you will not be allowed to test.
  • If you hold any form of a Massachusetts issued ID, you must turn it in prior to your road test.
  • You must provide transportation to and from the test site.

Non-Refundable State License Exam Policy:
*A $150 non-refundable payment is required to use our service so please be certain you want to use our sponsorship when you submit your application.