South Shore Driving Academy, Inc. requires that the mandatory 2-hour parent class be completed prior to the student scheduling their first driving lesson. This enables a valuable mentoring relationship between South Shore Driving Academy, Inc. Advanced registration required.

Seating is limited so please call our Hanson office: (781) 294-8876 or Weymouth office: (781) 331-4000 to reserve your seat or email us at: Only one parent or guardian is required to attend.

If your child attends another driving school, we would be happy to host you. For students not attending South Shore Driving Academy's on-road training, please know that a $50.00 non-refundable fee would apply to attend the class and receive the 5-year parental certification.

Please note, there will be a $10 fee for any duplicate parent certificate requests.

Please call either office for more information (781) 294-8876 or (781) 331-4000

Here is additional information from the Mass. R.M.V. that you can review as a family to help keep you safe: Parent Guide.pdf

Hanson Office (781) 294-8876 | Weymouth Office (781) 331-4000