Per the RMV, in order to start the classroom training the student must be 15 and 9 months of age (to the day). To begin the driver training portion of the program, a student must have reached their 16th birthday and have a valid MA Learner's Permit.

In order to qualify for the State License exam you must have held your Learner's Permit for 6 months. Appointment availability may vary so please be diligent with scheduling driving lessons. Please call the office to discuss current wait times.


South Shore Vo-Tech-476 Webster Street- Hanover
This enrollment is exclusive to the students attending South Shore Vo-Tech.
Please call our HansonOffice for more information regarding the upcoming
South Shore Vo-Tech classroom schedule andregistration.
Hanson Office (781) 294-8876

check here to see VO-TECH class schedule


Sign Up Hanson

This enrollmentis open to all students who would like to attend our Hanson location at: 270 Main Street- Hanson, MA. 02341

A $195 non-refundable deposit is required for all of our driver education training services.

Sign Up Weymouth

This enrollment is open to all students would like to attend our Weymouth location at:
435 Columbian Street – South Weymouth, MA. 02190

A $195 non-refundable deposit is required for all of our driver education training services.

* Refund Policy for all locations: A $35 fee for requested refunds for any additional payments made.

*Please note, there is a $40 dollar bounced check fee for all checks that get returned.

FULL DRIVER'S EDUCATION COURSE PACKAGE: (Must be15.9 months of age to participate) Price: $795.00
*Please see our affordable payment option below
STATE LICENSE EXAMSERVICE Price: (non-refundable) $175 fee
Please note that our fee does not include the mandatory R.M.V. State licensing fees.
What you "Need to Know" about our road test service information: